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Animated Creatures


Paint Shop Pro Tutorials by Wendi E. M. Scarth.
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Animated Creatures

You are welcome to right-click and download (“Save Image As”) - your choice of Gif to your PC.  Please don’t hot-link, thank you. 

Free Animations - Category/Index Pages
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Animated Flora & Fauna - Click Here!
Animated Blinkies - Click Here!
Animated Ribbons - Click Here!
Animated Creatures/Animals & All Things Cute - Click Here!
Animated Text Slogans/Strings - Click Here!
Miscellaneous Animations - Click Here!
Animated Scenery/Landscapes - Click Here!
Animated Divas/Women - Click Here!
Animated Signatures/Avatars - Click Here! 

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(The following animated Gifs are intended for personal non-commercial use only).

My on-line tutorial here, demonstrates how to resize animations using Animation Shop.

avatar cat




 fairy2a  fairy3  swingfairy fairy1





black cat with love  image0171717


 cat on piano2

Dalmatian animation



blue birds cute kitten and puppy in heart

AN00244 AN02066 AN02477 AN03288 AN03399

AN106155 AN0761111 AN3642626 AN4052727 AN4503131



AN10561515  animals11 animals12 browndog cartoon_dog_drinking_sm_nwm

 cat_lie_down_sm_clr cat2_d4444 cat24 catblink cattt4646 

ga_output_imagegggddd gatto  kitty wolf_with_pen_sm_nwm WAGGYD~192


   glitterpawbevwlled   tigercatrun   pus23

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