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Animated Flora/Fauna PSP


Paint Shop Pro Tutorials by Wendi E. M. Scarth.
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You are welcome to right-click and download (“Save Image As”) - your choice of Gif to your PC.  Please don’t hot-link, thank you. 

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(The following animated Gifs are intended for personal non-commercial use only).

My on-line tutorial here, demonstrates how to resize animations using Animation Shop.

3d_bird11 v_chick22 BUTTER~24040
 BUTTER~34141 butterfly_1 ZB_ELE~133 TONGUE~172 DRAGON~115

AN01255 AN0461010 AN0831212 AN1051414 

AN1221818 AN1632020 AN1852121 AN1882222 AN1892323 AN3302424

AN3582525 AN4062828 AN4072929 AN4293030 AN4933232 

June Humminngbird Animation hummer_bg6

AN10981717 bird10 cow20 dove-ani5353 fawn_laying_down_sm_nwm GROUPS~16

lion21 LOVE_M~1110 monky18 mouse_quiet_shh_sm_nwm MOVE_S~114 peace12 PENGUI~18

PENGUI~114 PENGUI~115 purse scared_md_clr TN_B~2A050 TN_B~2A351 

TN_B~2B053 TN_B~2C054 TN_B~29A49 TN_B~28747

 TN_C~2E358 TN_E~30F61 TN_F~31963 TN_O~35670 TN_R~36D74

TN_R~36973 TN_S~38E77 TN_S~39479 TN_S~39780 TN_U~39F83


4flowgg ANIMATED_BUTTERFLY BEE_FL~1133 butft2_d3737


 monarch_flap_sm_nwm THA621~140 THM_~25C41 THM_~26A45 THM_~25242

THM_~26844 TN_B~2D457 3flow1_1or 4flow11 7flow22 vaset2_d

 aniflower BLUE_F~198 butterflies_flowers_sm_nwm DAISIE~14949 daisy_button_blue_sm_nwm single_flower_md_clr X_RAIN~12


flow6a4ff FLOWE~615858 FLOWER~1100 flower99 flowers_wave_md_clr_d flowwwwwwwww

FLYTRA~1101 fssplant church_glowing_sky_sm_nwm ga_output_imagennn ga_output_imageuu groovy31

happy_daisy_sm_clr moon_over_pond_sm_clr mushrooms_happy_sm_nwm PINKRO~1102 PRETTY~1104 PTREEC~121 RAIN_M~124

RED_FL~1103 REDROS~1111 dozen_red_roses_expand_vase_sm_nwm SUN_SH~133 Sun-0334 SUNSHI~135 tulips_pink_sm_nwm YELLOW~1105



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