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Process Camera Raw 
Files PSP


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Camera Raw Files

Process Camera Raw Files Using Paint Shop Pro’s Camera Raw Lab
Paint Shop Pro X X1 X2 X3 X4 X5 X6 X7 X8 X9 - Beginners Plus

Camera Raw Lab Paint Shop Pro

Camera Raw Lab Paint Shop Pro

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Manage The Workspace
X8 & X9x9
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Camera Raw Files Explained

This tutorial demonstrates how to process a Camera Raw File in Paint Shop Pro’s Camera Raw File Lab. To work along, you are welcome to download the Camera Raw Start Image I am working with Here - the file is over 5 Megabytes. 
Unzip the file and open the Camera Raw Start Image onto Paint Shop Pro’s workspace.

Duplication Tip
Prior to opening your Camera Raw Files in the Camera Raw Lab, it’s a good idea to Duplicate the file in Windows first; and then work on the Duplication.
(To Duplicate a File in Windows (XP): Copy and then Paste it to a different Folder, and then right-click over the file, and choose Rename).

Open PaintShop Pro, and then click the Edit tab found at the top of the workspace.

Then open your choice of Camera Raw Start Image onto PaintShop Pro’s workspace; File then Open - (Ctrl then O).

Camera Raw Lab Paint Shop Pro

After opening your Camera Raw File, the following Camera Raw Lab dialogue box will open over Paint Shop Pro’s workspace.

Click To Enlarge

Now, I am going to Cool my image’s colours, and I have therefore adjusted the following Brightness, Saturation, Shadow and Temperature sliders. However, for personal results, it’s important to take a little time to experiment with all of the Camera Raw Lab settings.

Reset Settings
You can reset the settings by clicking the following Reset tab.

When you are happy with your processing, complete the change by clicking the following Edit tab.

Important Note
Clicking Edit finishes the processing and opens your processed Raw File onto Paint Shop Pro’s workspace, where it can be further edited, if you so wish.

For further Camera Raw Lab information, please click the Help button, found at the bottom of the Camera Raw Lab Filter’s dialogue box.

To sharpen your photograph, from the top menu of Paint Shop Pro, choose Adjust then choose Sharpness and then choose Unsharp Mask. And from the subsequent Unsharp Mask dialogue box, enter settings of your choice, and then click OK.

Camera Raw Lab Paint Shop Pro

Congratulations, you have successfully processed your Camera Raw File
and it’s ready to optimise and save in the usual manner.

Wendi E M Scarth.  

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Raw Files Explained
Raw files refer to several proprietary formats that contain data that have not been processed (not compressed, nor encrypted), and it usually refers to digital camera files - however, it could refer to any type.

Digital Camera Raw
Top of the range digital cameras generally offer a Raw option output, which contains the
most pixel information captured by the camera and is essentially a copy of the data captured by the camera's sensors. If you have saved your file in raw mode - when it is subsequently loaded into a raw conversion program, and then saved to a Tiff or .PSP format file, it can be exported in 16 bit mode. The 12 or 14 bits recorded by the camera are then spread over the full 16 bit workspace. If you have saved the file in-camera as a Jpeg, then it is converted by the camera's software to 8 bit mode; you will only ever have 256 brightness levels to work with. Raw graphic images are basic raster data format images with no compression, and may include an optional non-standard header which is not supported by Paint Shop Pro. These graphic images are used primarily by game developers and by the scientific community. Game developers use Raw graphics images for custom image texturing, bump mapping, and shading. The scientific community uses these images for custom application-based image analysis. Paint Shop Pro is used not only to create and edit Raw graphics images, but also to provide conversion from standard formats (such as Tif, Jpeg or Tga) into the Raw graphics format.

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