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Install Brushes PSP


Paint Shop Pro Tutorials by Wendi E. M. Scarth.
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Install Brushes

Download, Install, Save, Delete, Rename And Apply Brushes - Beginners
Written For Paint Shop Pro 8 9 X
XI X2 X3 X4 X5 X6 X7 X8 X9 Photo
(Ultimate) Students Should Follow X’s Instructions

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Manage The Workspace
X8 & X9x9
Click This Text Link To Read My PaintShop Pro’s Workspace Tutorial

Paint Shop Pro 7
, install your Brushes just as you would with the rest of Paint Shop Pro’s files - as demonstrated in my tutorial HerePaint Shop Pro 8 9 X XI X2 X3 X4 X5 X6 X7 X8 X9 Photo (Ultimate) - you too can import your Brushes as explained in the tutorial above: my the tutorial below, is an alternative method, and not a replacement.

View Types
Delete Brushes
Rename Brushes
Brush Categories
File Locations Tab
Abr (Photoshop) Brushes
Select And Apply A Brush
Download and Install Brushes
Highlight Multiple Brush-tip Files
Black Circle Displaying Instead Of The Brush - In The Brushes Palette
Brushes Not Applying Correctly - For Example, Displaying Upside Down
Import Earlier/Later Version’s (Of Paint Shop Pro) Brushes & Older Photoshop Versions’

This tutorial demonstrates how to Import Brushes into Paint Shop Pro 8 9 X XI X2 X3 X4 X5 X6 X7 X8 X9; how to apply them, and how to organise the Brush Tool’s Options Palette.

To work along, you are welcome to download two Brushes
HereUnzip the file ready to import the contents into Paint Shop Pro.

Locate the folder where your new Brushes reside - where you have downloaded them to, for example.

unzip them, as explained in my Unzipping Files tutorial.

Now, from the top menu of Paint Shop Pro, choose File then choose Import then choose Custom Brush - and you will see the following Import Custom Brush dialogue box.

Left-click the Open tab (highlighted above-left). Then scroll the subsequent Look In
menu, and navigate to where your unzipped Brushes reside. Once located, left-click to highlight your Brush, then click Open.

Highlighting Multiple Brushes
To select multiple Brushes, press and hold down your keyboard’s Ctrl key - then left-click each file - one-by-one.

After clicking Open, you will see the following dialogue box.

And you will notice your new Brushes are displayed on the left-side. To import them, click the central Add All tab, as illustrated below. 

After clicking Add All, your Brushes will be transferred to the right-side menu, as illustrated below.

If, when trying to import a Brush; you receive the following warning dialogue box. It means you already have Brush of the same name you are trying to import. To rectify this, you need to rename the Brush - or delete the brush that is already in your Brushes folder.

Rename Brushes - Delete Brushes.

6/ Select And Apply Brushes
After clicking OK, your Brushes will be imported into Paint Shop Pro’s Brushes
Library. To test them, open a new canvas, then from the left-side Tools Toolbar, activate the Paint Brush Tool.


Then from within the Brush Tool’s Options ribbon, left-click the tiny black triangle - highlighted in pink, below.

This displays the following drop-down menu, displaying your Brush Library. Now, scroll your Brush icons; locate and left-click to highlight your newly installed Brush.

Your Brushes are placed alphabetically.

Then click OK.  Your Brush has now been loaded, and it is ready to apply.

To apply your Brush, left-click over your canvas.

Remember, your brush will take on the attributes of whatever is active in the Foreground and Stroke Properties of the Materials Palette - Colour Palette.

This means, your brush can be either a Solid Colour, Gradient or Pattern of your choice.

In addition, you can change the Shape, Size, Density, Rotation, Opacity and Blend, etcetera, and many more attributes - by changing the settings in the Brush Tool’s Option’s ribbon.

9/ Black Circle Instead Of A Brush - Plus Deleting Brushes
Sometimes, after you have removed a Brush, you will notice a black circle remaining in the Brush palette, as illustrated below. To remove the circle, you need to delete the Brush from the Brush palette. To do so, left-click to highlight your Brush-circle - or Ctrl-click to highlight multiple Brush-circles. Then left-click the Resource Manager icon - as highlighted below.

Now from the subsequent Resource Manager dialogue box, locate and left-click to highlight the Brush-circle (s) - (if they are not already highlighted) - as illustrated below.

Then from the top right-side menu, select Delete. After a few seconds, Paint Shop Pro will delete the Brush-circle, and it will be permanently removed from the Brush palette.

Further Brush Deletion Information
You can Delete Brushes by selecting Remove All from the Import Custom Brush dialogue box
Here.  Alternatively; you can delete Brushes directly from the Paint Shop Pro Brushes folder - from Windows Explorer. In addition, you can delete a Brush file from the Brushes folder, found within the My PSP Files folder (in My Documents).

10/ Renaming Brushes
To rename a Brush, first activate it, then click the following Resource Manager tab.

And from the subsequent dialogue box, click the following Rename tab.

From the Rename Resource dialogue box, clear the name that is already there, and enter a new (unique name), then click OK.

11/ Brush Categories
You can choose to display all Brushes at once by selecting All - or display them in categories, as shown here. 

12/ View Types
You can display your Brushes either in small, or large icons - or in text format, as shown below.

13/ File Locations

Clicking the File Locations tab above, opens the File Locations dialogue box. This is where you optimise Brushes, so they work with Paint Shop Pro, as explained in my File Locations tutorial here.

Brushes Behaving Oddly - Rendering Upside Down For Example
Sometimes, Brushes have a special variance that enables them to be applied upside
down, etcetera - and occasionally, this can effect other Brushes.  If this happens to you, from the top menu of Paint Shop Pro, select View then select Palette then select Brush Variance. In the subsequent Brush Variance palette - right at the bottom - you will see a left pointing (curved) arrow, as highlighted in pink, below.

Left-click the arrow. This resets the Brush variance, and should make them behave.

15/ Importing Brushes - Including Photoshop 7 And Later
You can import Brushes that have the following file extensions:

.jbr  - You must Import Paint Shop Pro 7’s (.jbr) Brushes as demonstrated

.abr  - (This is a Photoshop Brush); Brushes from later Photoshop versions are incompatible with Paint Shop Pro. (My Photoshop Brushes won’t load).
I cannot verify this
, however, I am told you can
import Photoshop 7 and earlier Brushes into Paint Shop Pro, and they will work.

.pspbrush - This is a Paint Shop Pro Brush.

Note - Script Files
Paint Shop Pro automatically creates a Script file for each imported Brush - this is normal - and when deleting Brushes, remember to delete both files - both the Script and Brush file.

You cannot have two Brushes of the same name, you must
rename one of them.

All new Brushes, whether you have made them yourself, or have downloaded them from the internet - are automatically installed into My PSP X Files folder in My Documents - it is good practice to backup this folder regularly, so you don’t loose any new work, should your hard drive fail. 

Paint Shop Pro XI X2 X3 X4 X5 X6 X7 Folder Contents

Corel_01   Brushes
Corel_02   Bump Maps
Corel_03   Deformation Maps
Corel_04   Displacement Maps
Corel_05   Environment Maps
Corel_06   Gradients
Corel_07   Masks
Corel_08   Patterns
Corel_09   Picture Frames
Corel_10   Picture Tubes
Corel_11   Preset Shapes
Corel_12   Selections
Corel_13   Styled Lines
Corel_14   Swatches
Corel_15   Textures

Wendi E M Scarth 
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