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Invert Colours
Paint Shop Pro


Paint Shop Pro Tutorials by Wendi E. M. Scarth.
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Invert Colours

Invert A Photograph’s Colours - Beginners Plus
Written For Paint Shop Pro 7 8 9 X +
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 Colours Inverted

 Colours Inverted

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Manage The Workspace
X8 & X9x9
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This tutorial demonstrates how to add instant drama to photographs by inverting their colours. This is carried out very quickly utilising an Invert Adjustment Layer.  To work along, you are welcome to download the two image’s I am working with (Tynemouth Harbour and Cullercoats, respectively) HereUnzip the file and open the images onto Paint Shop Pro’s workspace.

As well as adding instant drama, inverting an image’s colour is an excellent way of rescuing disappointing photographs.

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Understanding Layers On-line Tutorial

Open your choice of Start Image onto Paint Shop Pro’s workspace.

Enlarge your image by double-left-clicking its top menu-bar.

Then from the top menu, choose Layers then choose New Adjustment Layer then choose Invert.

Navigate around your image by left-clicking and dragging the following right-side preview window.

After clicking Invert you will see the following Invert editor box.

The areas highlighted above, are the default settings, and the Blend Mode is set to
Normal. Click OK to apply the settings, and your image’s colours will be inverted - as demonstrated below.

Your Layers palette will change to the following, and as you can see, the Invert Adjustment Layer has been applied above your photograph’s Layer.

Different colours (when inverted) will produce predestined results, depending on the colours you are inverting. For example, inverting Black will always produce its opposite colour, White, and Green (depending on the lighting) will be inverted to a shade of Lilac.

Inverting the following image, utilising the same default settings - creates an eerie, frozen seascape.

After applying your Invert Adjustment Layer, to apply filters, the layer must be flattened.
To flatten your layers, from the top menu, choose Layers then choose Merge then choose Merge All (Flatten). This crunches your layers down to one Background layer, as illustrated below.

You are now able to further enhance your image; for example, you can enrich its colours by applying Paint Shop Pro’s photographic filters.

After you have completed your effect, finish by applying a Sharpen Filter - Effects/Adjust then Sharpen/Sharpness - then save your work.

5/ Further Invert Colours Adjustment Layers Information
To return your image to its original state, from the upper menu bar, click the Undo arrow.

There are a few settings that can be tweaked; for example, experiment with different Blend Modes to see how they effect your inverted image.

Luminance (Legacy) Blend Mode

If you mark the following Highlight in layers palette box; then click open the colour swatch - you can choose a solid colour that will highlight your Adjustment Layer, in the Layers palette.


You can reduce the Adjustment Layer’s strength by altering the Opacity slider.

You can have lots of fun inverting image’s colours; and rescuing disappointing images - this is one of my favourite effects. 

Optimise And Save Images

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