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Jpegs & PSP Files


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Jpegs, Png & PSP Files

Optimise Jpegs Plus Paint Shop Pro And Png Images Explained - Beginners
Written For Paint Shop Pro 7 8 9 X
Paint Shop Pro XI X2 X3 X4 X5 X6 X7 X8 X9 Photo (Ultimate) Students Should Follow X’s Instructions

When publishing photographs to your website, or sending them by e-mail; after they have been resized, they need to be compressed to enable quick page-loading. 
Paint Shop Pro’s Jpeg Optimisation Command will optimise your images in this way. 

This tutorial demonstrates how to optimise and save Jpegs and explains Paint Shop Pro and Png file formats.

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Manage The Workspace
X8 & X9x9
Click This Text Link To Read My PaintShop Pro’s Workspace Tutorial

Abbreviation Meanings
stands for Joint Photo Exports Group, Png stands for Portable Network Graphics and Gif stands for Graphic Interchange Format.

Photographs will undoubtedly react uniquely; therefore, experiment with different file formats and discover the right choice for your image. Bear in mind, you are aiming to strike a balance between download/sending times and graphic quality.

Saving Jpegs, Gifs And Png Files - Loss Of Image Quality Notes
In order to keep the file size down, the compression process randomly takes away pixels from your photograph; and as a result, every time you save an image as a Jpeg, Gif, or Png file, its quality will degrade. Therefore, to keep your Jpeg, Gif and Png files in optimum condition, always save the original image as a Paint Shop Pro Image; then open the original Paint Shop Pro file, and save it as a Gif, Jpeg or Png. Your images will then be perfectly optimised every time they are saved.

Open your choice of photograph onto Paint Shop Pro’s workspace, then from the upper menu, choose Image then choose Resize - and resize your image according to your needs; then click OK

Whilst you are changing the Jpeg Optimiser’s settings, keep looking at the right-side Preview Window to see how the settings are effecting your graphic. Additionally, prior to clicking OK, you can click a tab and change the settings at any time.

Now, from the upper menu, choose File then choose Export then choose Jpeg Optimiser.
From the subsequent dialogue box, click the Quality tab.

If you look at the right-side Preview Box, you will see how the Set compression value to setting effects your image. I have set mine to 18 - however, if I were to increase the compression value; my photograph would be over compressed, and much too grainy to upload to my website.
If I were to reduce the compression value to perhaps 5, it would result in a much larger file size; therefore, I would say a compression value of 10 is about right for my website needs. 
However, given that photographs react uniquely, take a little time and consideration; weigh up the pros and cons, and decide which compression value works well for you

3/ Format Tab
Now, click the Format tab and you will notice that you have two loading choices, Standard and Progressive. Most website owners select standard, however, select the format you prefer.

4/ Download Times Tab
Clicking the following Download Times tab displays details of your image’s download
times.  When you are satisfied with your Jpeg’s optimisation, click OK.

After clicking OK, you will see a Save as copy dialogue box. Now, enter a name for your image into File name box, then click Save. Your image has now been saved, and is ready to utilise.

Jpegs - Points To Remember
1/ Jpegs support up to 16.7 million colours, and are the best choice for compressing photographs.
2/ Jpegs are not the best choice for compressing text. Jpeg compression will fade text, and as a consequence, it will loose its crispness.
3/ Jpeg is a lossy compression; this means, every time you save your image, the photograph will suffer irreversible loss of quality.  Remember, quality will also be compromised when the lowest compression value of 1 is selected.
4/ To prevent loss of quality (until you have finished working on your photograph), save it as a Paint Shop Pro file format.
5/ Jpegs do not support layers.

Paint Shop Pro Files
To save your work as a Paint Shop Pro file, from the top menu, choose File then choose Save as. From the subsequent Save as dialogue box, ensure you click open the following Save as type box, and click Paint Shop Pro Image. Enter a name for your new image, then click Save.

Paint Shop Pro Files - Notes
You would save your work as a Paint Shop Pro file w
hen working with Layers; saving your file as a PSP Image preserves the layers, and they can then be edited at a later date. Selecting this format enables you to rearrange layers and continue as usual with your work.  If you save your work in any other format, for example, a Jpeg, Bit map or Gif - your work will automatically be flattened, thereby losing any transparency layers.

To be able to open a Paint Shop Pro file, you must have a version of Paint Shop Pro on your PC. However, if for example, you have version 7, you will be unable to open versions’ 8, 9 or X X1 X2 X3 X4 X5 X6 X7 X8 X9’s files. This is because Paint Shop Pro is not backwards compatible. This means, older versions of Paint Shop Pro cannot open newer versions’ files, unless they were optimised to open with older versions, when they were first created. However, newer versions, (Paint Shop Pro X X1 X2 X3 X4 X5 X6 X7 X8 X9 for example), can open older versions, (versions such as 9, 8, and 7).

Link here for further Paint Shop Pro file information, and learn how to optimise files so they will open with older versions.

Png Optimiser (Portable Network Graphics)
This increasingly popular format supports up to 24-bit (16.7 million) colours and uses
loss-less compression. It is not as widely used as Jpeg, therefore some features of this format are not available for older browsers. To access the Png command box, from the top menu, choose File then choose Export then choose Png Optimiser. Although optimising Pngs is very similar to optimising
Gif files - and the command box look similar; there are small differences to settings and commands.

Further Png Notes -
Save Images As Transparent Pngs tutorial here
Png compresses images, (retaining their transparency), whilst at the same time - retaining the image’s 16.7 million colours.  Gifs on the other hand compress files, reducing them to a maximum of 256 colours.  The disadvantage of Pngs is that some older web browsers don’t support it.

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