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Magic Move Tool
Paint Shop Pro 8 & 9


Paint Shop Pro Tutorials by Wendi E. M. Scarth.
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Magic Move PSP X8 X9

PaintShop Pro X8 X9 - Intermediate
Reposition Photographic Elements With The Magic Move Selection Tool

Magic Move Tool Paint Shop Pro X8 X9

Max Repositioned With The Magic Move Selection Tool

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Manage The Workspace
X8 & X9 PSP X9
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This tutorial demonstrates how to reposition a photographic element using PaintShop Pro 8 & 9’s Magic Move (Selection) Tool. To work along, you are welcome to download my gorgeous Doodles, Max & Molly Here
Unzip the file and open the image onto Paint Shop Pro’s workspace.

Magic Move Notes
The Magic Move Tool lets you move part of an image to a new position and automatically fills the remaining empty area so that it matches the surrounding background even if the background is textured or varied. This content-aware feature works with your favourite selection tools. If you don’t get the result you are looking for straight away you can easily undo and readjust the Selection. In addition, the Clone Brush and Smudge and Soften Tools can improve the outcome. 

I have a comprehensive Tool tutorials in my 500+ Paint Shop Pro Made Easy PDF Collection.

Undo Tip
You can quickly step backwards by tapping Ctrl then Z - (Ctrl then Y steps forward).

Open PaintShop Pro, and then click the Edit tab found at the top of the workspace.

Open your choice of Photographic Start Image onto PaintShop Pro’s workspace; File then Open - (Ctrl then O).

Double-left clicking the photograph’s top menu bar centralises the image on your workspace.

Now you have opened your Start Image onto Paint Shop Pro’s workspace, you are ready for the next step.

Activate the Zoom Tool and zoom into the element you wish to select.

From the left-side Tools Toolbar, activate the Freehand Selection Tool.

And from the Tool’s Option Palette change the Mode to Replace; set the Selection Type to Point to Point, and set a Feather and Smoothing value that suits your image better. I am working with the following settings for my start image; however, when working with your own it’s important to experiment with different settings and find values that work best for you.

Now, left-click and drag and stretch a Lasso Line around the element you wish to move - as illustrated below. Remember, you can step backward at any time while applying the Lasso Line by tapping your keyboard’s Delete Key.

I have a comprehensive Freehand Selection tutorial in my
500+ Paint Shop Pro Made Easy PDF Collection

When clicking and stretching a Lasso Line around your element, don’t be too precise. It’s best to leave a tiny amount of pixels behind. This way, the Magic Move Tool can make a better guess when filling in the missing pixels, once the element has been moved/repositioned.

After you have completely surrounded your object with a Lasso Line, double-left-click over where you first began it. This closes the ‘selection loop’ and turns the Lasso Line into a moving Selection Marquee - otherwise known as Marching Ants - as illustrated below.
Notice how I have not been very precise with my selection.

Now, from the Freehand Selection Tool’s Options Palette, left-click the following (red) Magic Move icon.

Then left-click over the selected object (in my case, it’s Max my Labradoodle) and drag the element to another part of the photograph. Please note - your curser will have changed to the following Move icon, thus allowing the move.

Now, let Paint Shop Pro process the change as it needs to reposition the object and fill in the missing (Max) pixels. As you can see below, the Freehand Selection Tool’s settings were reasonably good for my start image and Paint Shop Pro has been fairly accurate in replacing the missing Max pixels. However, do bear in mind, all images will react differently and the settings will need to be tweaked accordingly.

To remove the Selection Marquee - Marching Ants - from the top menu of Paint Shop Pro choose Select then Select None - Ctl then D.

Try not to worry too much about filling in the missing pixels. Whoever sees the result might not even notice the pixels have been replaced, especially if they haven’t seen the original.

I am happy with my result, however, should you find PaintShop Pro has not made a seamless fill-in with your image - then use the Clone Brush Tool and or the Smudge, Soften Tools to tidy up the missing pixels. Bear in mind though, when using retouching tools you need to keep both the Hardness and Opacity values reasonably low. I recommend setting them no higher than 10 Pixels and gradually build up smoothing effect very slowly.



Dodge and Burn Tool Tips
The Dodge and Burn Tools are useful tools that can lighten and darken pixels. You can even replace any lost shadows using the Burn Tool to carefully darken the pixels.


Now you have successfully repositioned your photographic element using Paint Shop Pro 8 & 9 ’s Magic Mover Tool it is ready to save -
Click Here for my on-line Optimise & Save Images tutorials. 

 Wendi E M Scarth. 
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