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Mixed Animations


Paint Shop Pro Tutorials by Wendi E. M. Scarth.
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Free Animated Gifs

You are welcome to right-click and download (“Save Image As”) - your choice of Gif to your PC.  Please don’t hot-link, thank you. 

Free Animations - Category/Index Pages
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(The following animated Gifs are intended for personal non-commercial use only).

My on-line tutorial here, demonstrates how to resize animations using Animation Shop.

  birthdaycake   birthdaycard    hapbirth
hapmum happyted happytiger luvmum

 mumflowers butterdoor isitsafe04

 fairy2a fairy3 swingfairy fairy1

 Aniheart  cat2_d4444 dragon3  groovy12 give_me_fiveff spin2

chsird gothic HEART_~1107   FLOATI~12 xmaspin

heart_rotate_sm_nwm Heart-039 Heart-0410 HEARTS~1108 kissing love_00312 rimg

smheart2 smheart8 smheart9 smheartc TN_L~34C69 VALENT~1106 beer-23 BIRD_H~19 BIRTHD~13636

DESGUI~15050 easter_egg egg_painting egg falling_eggs

star_tip_hat_sm_nwm santa_head_ho_ho_hoing_straight_sm_nwm sun_rise_inside_cross_sm_nwm TORCH_~1124 WRITIN~197 2_PUMP~173 birthday cake

COFFEE~11 COFFEE~12 food10 GLASS_~14 HAMBUR~126 karrot22 KEG_PO~15

wendi eating WINE_T~17 tea_steaming_sm_nwm MARTIN~16 lady cooking xmasign

Example 1 animated numbers Example 2 animated safc BlowHearts   cd1 dice2CLR117 Disco-045252

EART4C~15454 FINISH~1118 G_HAND~11 ga_output_imageboot ga_output_imageggg ga_output_imageyyy GLOVES~1120

groovy8 groovy24 jouseeeeeeeee match_burning_sm_nwm ok_red_sm_nwm pears_md_clr strawberries_md_clr
baby gorl in parm blue eyed girl boy footballddddd clownnnnvnv crying girl ga_output_image 

ga_output_imageand cat ga_output_imageoo gril balarina wah wah baby ga_output_image11

ring  TN_E~31362 Window84 workstation_office_chair_spinning_sm_nwm 5%5F1%5F120

0_new2p black_red_sm_nwm chi_sm_nwm comments_sm_nwm contact_sm_nwm email_revolving

eart4c2_d email1qq email4 file_cabinet_squirm_sm_nwm flash guestbook2_sm_nwm wings_copper8_sm_nwm
new2 new08zap new8 PSY_~21319 PSY_~21620 updated You_have_mail 

CC69 eng3 gb_clear uk189 uk bassCLR93 bell-l bell-rd BLUNOT~194

drum_set_playing_blue_sm_nwm jukebox-small  music15 music18 music19 gb


music32 music41 saxSmCLR97 groovy9 groovy10

groovy11 groovy18 groovy26 groovy125 Peace

Peace_in_sky Peace_smoke AN13511919 cook17 detectivecc ga_output_imagedda

JUST_B~119 gardendd PAINTE~183 TN_A~27548 TN_B~2CA55

TN_B~2CE56 TN_B~28D46 TN_C~2F160 TN_F~31C64 TN_P~35C71

TN_P~36372 TN_R~37A75 TN_S~38976 TN_S~39178 TN_T~39D82 TN_W~3AA86

TNFO~3B087 wav WINDMI~195 WITCH_~177

WOMAN_~1126 ZOMBI_~178 211 a_plain11 crazy74 FLOWER~1128 FROWN~6781 glasses20 HAPPY_~18 hulk75 I_ANGR~111 I_MISS~1129 kisses130 PERCEN~187 KISSIN~1131 PSY_~21118 yeeeybyScorpionBlood

SAD1_S~188 SEEING~1132 SKULL_~176 SMALLE~128 SMIL~23231 SMIL~23432 SMILEY~190 tballCLR123

36_1_62 dove winner work wowspring xbox

xmasb ZzzTV zzz5 zzz4 zik yikes yinyangsmileyBIG xmassleigh

 yelyup yelwink yelsmile yelsad

yelcry yeleek yelmad

10_367 963 ABICUS~123 ACOUST~12727 APPEAR~141 balloons3131 BARKIN~1195252 xmas55

bat58 BEAUTI~137 yummy13434 WINKIN~144  dog_1154848 BLOOMI~140

BLOOMI~12020 BLOWIN~121 BLOWIN~170 DRAGON~115 BONGOS~12626 boss_clr22

cake11 CANDY_~153 cat_334 clown-18 EASTER~1316464 EGG_BA~1296262 dog_3164949

FALLIN~110 CHOCOL~1366969 fat_cat40 FIRE_C~13030


FLOATI~11515 FLOWER~119 SOCCER~157 GLEEFU~19 party64 poodle235656

IRRESI~111 PARTY_~117 HAPPY_~12929 GOOFY_~126 MAGICA~149

LOVABL~144 STAR_T~145 HEART_~11212 hot_mug47 hot_dog215454 HAPPY_~1286161 

HAPPY_~1175050 JUMPY_~151 cheers69 FRIGHT~1498282 PIE_SM~120 PEEK_A~177 PAWING~139

PAINTE~1336666 TWO_GL~12828 FUNNY_~1185151 TEETH1~130 hooray53838

flower_1609393 flower_2639696 flower_3629595 flower_4599292 flower_5589191 flower_6579090 flower_9558888 flower_8568989 NEW_YE~13232

 SMILEY~1397272 SMILEY~1407373 SMILEY~1417474 SMILEY~1427575 SMILEY~1437676 SMILEY~1447777 SMILEY~1508383 SMILEY~1518484 CUPIDS~11919 DRAGON~12525 DOG_HE~1104343

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