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Optimise Animations 
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Paint Shop Pro Tutorials by Wendi E. M. Scarth.
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Optimise Animations

Optimise Animations To Blend With Backgrounds - Beginners
Animation Shop 3.1

Optimised for a web page with a black background

Optimised for a web page with a white/cream background
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Manage The Workspace
X8 & X9x9
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This tutorial demonstrates how to optimise animations so they seamlessly blend with the website, or e-mail, they are to be displayed on. This is important when animating irregular images that have transparent backgrounds; if they are not optimised correctly, their edges will appear ragged and unsightly. To demonstrate the point, I am utilising a completed animation from one of my tutorials.

Read About The 12 Basic Animation Principles Here

A transparent background is indicated by Paint Shop Pro’s chessboard background.

After you have opened, or copied and pasted your animation frames onto Animation Shop’s workspace -
as explained here - it is time to optimise the animation so it blends with the background you will be displaying it over.

From the top menu, choose File then choose Optimisation Wizard, and in the subsequent dialogue box, mark the following settings, then click Next.

In the subsequent dialogue box, move the Better Image Quality slider to your preference - then activate the Customise tab.

Positioning the slider three quarter of the way up, from the bottom - is usually adequate.

In the subsequent dialogue box, click the following Colours tab, and in the Colours dialogue box, mark the following settings. (Do Not click ok).

Then click the Optimisations tab - and in the Optimisations dialogue box, mark the following settings. (Do Not click ok).

Activate the Partial Transparency tab, and set the following settings into its dialogue box, then click OK.

I have optimised my animation to blend with a light, or White background, by left-clicking the following Yes, blend with this colour swatch. Clicking the swatch opens a Colour Picker dialogue box, and this is where you left-click to sample the colour that matches the background you will be displaying the animation on, the closest. You can only choose Solid Colours, therefore, if your background is not a solid colour, pick a colour that matches it as close as possible.

Colour Picker Dialogue

After sampling your colour, click OK to close the Colour dialogue box, then click Next.

Animation Shop will then optimise your animation - after the process is complete, click

After viewing the following Original and Optimised preview windows, click Next.

You will then be shown details regarding your animation; and you can now click Finish.

Your animation has been optimised and is ready to utilise.

Final Points
Depending on the dominant colour of your website - or e-mail background, set the Yes, blend with this colour to that (solid) colour. For example, if your website - or e-mail background - is black, change the colour to solid black - equally, if it is yellow, you would change the colour to yellow.

If the colours are not similar, your animation will look unsightly against a different coloured background - as illustrated below.

The Yes, blend with this colour setting surrounds (or strokes) your image with a thin coating of your chosen colour, helping it to blend seamlessly with e-mails and website backgrounds of the same - or a similar colour.

Final Summery
This type of optimisation is for irregular shaped images that have transparent backgrounds - such as triangles and circles - or for text with transparent backgrounds. If you have an image that is a rectangle/square - or text with a solid background, this optimisation process will not be necessary.

Experiment with all settings until you are familiar with the optimisation process.

Wendi E M Scarth  
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