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Smart Selection Brush Tool


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Smart Selection Tool

Smart Selection Brush Tool 
Paint Shop Pro X6 X7 X8 X9 - Beginners Plus To Intermediate
PaintShop Pro X6/x7's Smart Selection Tool
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Manage The Workspace
X8 & X9 PSP X9
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Understand Layers
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Export An Extracted Object As A Picture Tube
Utilise PaintShop Pro X6 X7/X8/X9’s Auto Selection Brush Tool
Extract An Object From Its Background Using The Magic Wand Tool

This tutorial demonstrates how to extract an object (bunch of bananas) from its background using PaintShop Pro X6/X7/X8/X9’s new Smart Selection Brush Tool. To work along, you are welcome to download the Start Image I am working with HereUnzip the file and open the image onto Paint Shop Pro’s workspace.

Smart Selection Brush Tool
Create a Selection based on a quick brush stroke. Simply brush over a sample of the colours and textures from the desired area and the powerful Smart Selection Brush automatically expands the Selection to the edges.

Start Image Note
When utilising this Tool (for best results), it’s best to select an image that has a good contrast with its background.

Undo Tip
You can quickly step backwards by tapping Ctrl then Z - (Ctrl then Y steps forward).

PaintShop Pro
Open PaintShop Pro, and then click the Edit tab found at the top of the workspace.

Open your choice of Start Image onto PaintShop Pro’s workspace; File then Open -
(Ctrl then O).

Enlarge your Start Image by left-clicking the Maximise tab - illustrated below.

ma banana

Now you have opened your Start Image onto Paint Shop Pro’s workspace, you are ready for the next step.

Right-click the Image’s Layer, in the Layers Palette. And from the subsequent
drop-down list, click Promote Background Layer - as demonstrated below.

Then from the Left-side Toolbar, activate the following Smart Selection Brush Tool.

And enter the following settings into the upper Tool Options Bar.

Now, left-click over the bananas’ centre, and a Selection Marquee will automatically snap to the object’s contours - as illustrated below.

Be careful when applying this Tool. You must ensure the Circular Smart Brush (below), isn’t larger than the object you wish to select. If you accidentally select an area outside the object, simply tap the Ctrl then the Z Key to step back a place or two, and slowly reapply the Smart Brush Tool.

Now, reduce the Smart Brush’s Size to around 66 (Pixels).

reduce cirl smart

And left-click over the selected brown areas, as demonstrated below


After you have cleanly selected just the bunch of bananas with a Selection Marquee - as illustrated below - you are ready for the next step.

From the top menu, choose Selections and then choose Invert. The Selection Marquee will surround the bananas and the outer border - as illustrated below.

Adjust the Selection Marquee Note
To adjust the Selection Marquee, from the top menu, choose Selections then choose Modify and then choose Expand.

From the subsequent Expand Selection dialogue box, set a Number of pixels value of 1 or 2, and then click OK.
(This will shrink the Selection Marquee, so it closely hugs the bananas).

Feather Note
If necessary, you can fade the Selection’s edges: experiment with the Feather settings and discover the best Feather settings for your image’s needs.

Now to remove the apple’s background, from the top menu, choose Edit and then choose Clear - (Alternatively, tap your Delete Key).

Congratulations, you have successfully removed an object from its background.

From the top menu, choose Selections then choose Select None - Ctrl then D.

If necessary, Crop away any extraneous chessboard background.

Soften Edges Tip
Smooth any rough edges using the Soften Tool.

Set very low Opacity and Hardness settings - around 10 pixels.

Congratulations, you have successfully removed the bunch of bananas’ background, and
it is now ready to save as a Paint Shop Pro Image File. Alternatively, (first reduce the extracted bananas’ size - top menu, then Image then Resize), and from the top menu, choose File then choose Export then choose Picture Tube. And from the subsequent Export Picture Tube dialogue box, enter a unique name for your Picture Tube, then click OK.

Using the same techniques, you can have lots of fun removing your own object’s backgrounds, then incorporating them into your artwork, or
Exporting them as Picture Tubes.
Wendi E M Scarth. 
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