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Text Cutter Tool


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Text Cutter X7 X8 X9

PaintShop Pro X7 X8 X9 - Beginners Plus To Intermediate

PaintShop Pro X7's Text Cutter Tool

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Manage The Workspace
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This tutorial demonstrates how to create text filled with a photographic image using the Text Cutter Tool. To work along, you are welcome to download the Start Image I am working with HereUnzip the file and open the UK Flag image onto Paint Shop Pro’s workspace.

Undo Tip
You can quickly step backwards by tapping Ctrl then Z - (Ctrl then Y steps forward).

Open PaintShop Pro, and then click the Edit tab found at the top of the workspace.

Open your choice of Photographic Start Image onto PaintShop Pro 7’s workspace; File then Open - (Ctrl then O).

If necessary, enlarge your Start Image by left-clicking the Maximise tab - illustrated below.

Ensure the Background And Fill Properties Swatch (in the Materials Palette), is set to Solid White - as demonstrated below.



Now you have opened your Start Image onto Paint Shop Pro’s workspace, you are ready for the next step.

From the left-side Tools Toolbar, activate the Text Tool. (T).

And from the Text Tool’s Options Palette, activate a nice wide Font - such as Rockwell Extra Bold - for maximum width, I also typed in Capital Letters (Upper Case).

Ensure Vector is active - as demonstrated below.

Font Size Note
The Font’s Size is entirely dependant upon your canvas’s Size (Resolution). If you are working with my UK Flag Image a Font Size of 400 will work well.

Now, left-click once over an area you would like to place your text: - you really need to experiment here, and find a photographic area that suits your needs.

Your text should now be applied over your image - as demonstrated below.

From the Text Tool’s Options Palette, click the following Text Cutter tab.


Paint Shop Pro will immediately apply a
Mask to your image, thereby revealing a transparent background. As demonstrated below.

Layers Palette

Drop Shadow And Bevel Notes
To apply a Drop Shadow or a Bevel to your text, from the top menu of Paint Shop Pro, choose Effects then choose 3D Effects and select your choice from the subsequent drop down menu.
Experiment and have fun with the Text Cutter Tool and find a suitable Bevel and Drop Shadow that suits your needs.

Congratulations, you have successfully utilised Paint Shop Pro’s Text Cutter Tool and
it is now ready to save as a Paint Shop Pro Image File. Alternatively, (first reduce the text’s size - top menu, then Image then Resize), and from the top menu, choose File then choose Export then choose Picture Tube. And from the subsequent Export Picture Tube dialogue box, enter a unique name for your Picture Tube, then click OK.

Tip (
Layer Tutorials Here).
Create a Background Layer and drag it to the bottom of the Layers Palette, and fill it with your choice of background.

 Wendi E M Scarth. 
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