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Unzip Files PSP


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Unzip Files PSP

Unzip Windows XP Zipped (Compressed) Files
Written For Windows XP
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This lesson demonstrates how to unzip zipped Windows XP files.

Please Note
This tutorial demonstrates how to unzip Windows XP files; currently, I have no unzipping experience using earlier Windows systems, Windows Vista or Windows 7. If needed, you can find alternative unzipping software
Here and Here.

Locate your zipped file, then double-left-click it.

You will then see the following (left-side) Extract all files tab.

Now, double-left-click the Extract all files tab, and you will see the following Extraction Wizard dialogue box.

Click Next, and in the subsequent dialogue box, click the Browse tab. Find a location to unzip your files to (I chose Desktop), then choose OK. Click Next to start the extraction process - you may need to click Next twice.

Clicking the Browse tab (below) displays a Select a Destination dialogue box, this is where you search for, and locate, the folder to unzip your file to; for example, you may be searching for Paint Shop Pro’s
Plugin folders.

After Windows XP has completed the process, you will see the following dialogue box.

Click Finish to complete the extraction. Because Show extracted files (above) has been ticked, as soon as you click Finish, Windows takes you to your unzipped files.

Wendi E M Scarth. 
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